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My Story

May 29th, 2013 at 09:57 am

My story. Back in 2009, I finally got myself out of debt and stayed that way for about 2 years, life was good.

Fast forward to 2013 and I have more debt now than I ever had in my life. What happened? Life happened and I wasn't prepared.

I had some must needed medical work that had to be done, twice, and didn't have the cash to pay for it.

Then in May of 2011, I was hit - nearly head-on - in an auto accident. Even though the woman who hit me took off the front end of my car as well as the passenger side, I was hit at an angle.

I'm thankful she swerved but had she hit me on the driver's side, I'm positive I would either not be here today, I would not be walking or in a coma.

The accident knocked me around a bit. The air bag burned my face, my right arm was bruised and damaged (I drove a stick shift) and I had multiple discs in my spine pushed around. This caused a lot of pain throughout my entire body. Everyday I wake up to the unknown and unsure what part of me will hurt.

The only constant pain I have is in my right arm, hands and feet. Nerve damage.

I opted for surgery to repair the discs pressing on the nerves. After two weeks, yeah two weeks, I returned to work and I was "okay" for a few days, but the pain continued with a vengeance, even with medication.

I took a few more days off to rest and returned to work again. I was able to work a day and a half before I couldn't take the pain anymore. I told my employer I couldn't do this anymore and went out on disability for 3 months.

I had help, but with little money I did have and was receiving, it wasn't enough to sustain me past three months. I could have stayed where I was living, but I didn't want to struggle more especially with not knowing if my health was going to hold up so I moved.

Fast forward in between all of this and I am not the same person I used to be: no more races for me, can't exercise like I used to (and I loved working out) I'm always in pain, I can't do the things I used to do, a broken relationship, depression, weight gain, daily medication to half function, misuse of money, debt and just not caring anymore.

I suppose I've sat in the pity corner long enough and it's time for me to at least clean up my finances.

I also have a very expensive hobby I don't plan to give up as it also generates money on occasion. I do plan to sell some of my gear and stay off message boards and websites that tempt me to buy. I do have everything I need to continue in my hobby and in the future, when I can take a pay cut, I hope to engage in my hobby, as a profession, full-time.

I have a decent paying job, it's close to home and I have a lot of flexibility. I work for great people who are very understanding when I have to be out, go home or need to be late or leave early for a doctor's appointment.

I'm here (at SavingAdvice) because I need to be here and around people of like-mind.

It's quite possible my debt could be wiped out with my settlement money in a few weeks to a few months. I also don't want to be stupid when that windfall happens either. I want to be smart with my money again.

I know finances, at times, can be a reflection of what's going on in one's life and while I feel I should be in the gutter, I know I can do better.

I have help and a great family so it's not like I'm going at it alone. I will go back to keeping my mind "gazelle intensity" focused regarding my debt, reading financial websites, (I still watch Suze Orman and listen to Dave Ramsey), or books, stop looking at stuff I think will make me happy, deal with my emotions or at least talk about them so I don't engage in irresponsible behavior.

I hope to blog often.