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Let My Will Be Done

August 26th, 2013 at 04:39 pm

I finally got around to calling an attorney I used to work with and asked him if he would prepare a will, a living will and a trust for me. The trust will be inside the will and not a separate document.

He was a little confused about why I asked him to do it because I work at a law firm and if my current employer offers an employee discount.

I told him I did not want to be a client of the firm. Not that there's anything wrong with the firm, we're one of the top law firms in the state, but I don't want everyone knowing my business.

That is, I know the attorney and the secretary who would prepare it and while he might not say anything, nothing prevents his secretary from talking. Everyone at the firm also gets a list of new clients and I don't want to be on it and have people asking me questions and then telling me I don't have any money so why do I need a will.

Everyone can benefit from a will and living will, especially if one has children. It's the responsible thing to do and I'm sorry it's taken this long, but my will shall be done.